Friday, 21 February 2014

Application failed to load the citrix when record the script by LoadRunner.

Problem Details:-

Application is running fine but failed to load the citrix when record the script by LoadRunner.

Pls find the snapshot by the URL:

The script is runnig fine in another BPM.

Pls find the below information for the problematic BPM:
1.BPM version:8.02.
2.OS platform: Windows XP 2002.
3.The user ID that runs on this instance:GERobot1.
5.BAC version: 8.06.

If you have any concern about this pls contact me by Tel:+86-0411-83665981 on CST time.


Problem Solution:-  Regarding your issue,
Please send us the script after replay with full extended logs enabled.
From the document you sent, the screenshot comes from the Snapshot on error feature. Are you getting this error when recording or replaying the script?
Do you have McAfee installed on your machine?
Which is the Citrix Client version that you are using?
Which is the Citrix Server version that your application is running at?
Which Vugen version are you using? Is it the latest that your BPM instance support?

NOTE:- I have replied the mail to Dov & Antonio,the issue has gone now,it may be some changes from the application.
Pls close this HP case. Thank you for all your help!

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