Friday, 28 February 2014

ABAP Dump Analysis in SAP BASIS

ABAP Dump Analysis is role of SAP BASIS consultant as part of Daily monitoring. For ABAP Dump analysis, ST22 is the T-code

Frequency : Every 15 min
Check : Critical Dumps, Error Analysis and How to correct the error, information on where termination,  occurred, Source code extract.
More  information :  TCODE SM21,SM37

Using Short Dumps to perform Error Analysis
In SDN you will find a blog about diagnostic help that you can find in short dumps:
Analyzing Problems Using ABAP Short Dump: Part1
Analyzing Problems Using ABAP Short Dump: Part 2

Detailed information: 

If an unhanded exception occurs while an ABAP program is executed the ABAP run time environment triggers an ABAP run time error. The execution of the program is terminated and a detailed error log (short dump) is created and saved in the affected ABAP system.
You can access the saved short dump in the following ways:
In a run time error occurs in a dialog process, the system immediately displays a screen with the short dump. For further checks you can then branch directly to the ABAP Debugger. For more information, see Displaying a Short Dump Directly
Using tools of the ABAP Dump Analysis (ST22) you can display information about the run time error that occurred again and investigate the short dump, save it locally, or print it.
You can access the internal Administration of the short dump that has been saved. For example, you can avoid the short dump being deleted automatically.

Daily monitoring t-codes in SAP Basis - ABAP Dump analysis, t-code for ABAP dump analysis.


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