Friday, 28 February 2014

Not able to record the script when IE is open

Problem detail:   Hello Team,

I couldn't record the script if any IE is open on my machine. Every time I had to close all IE apps while recording. Is there any patch for this, so that I can record the script even if IE is open?

Request you to do the needful.

Problem Solution:   Sent customer IE 8 patch.

Unable to capture SQL query in LR 11 using ODBC protocol

Problem detail:  

We tried to record ODBC trace in LR 11 using ODBC protocol for a component which is developed in C# on .NET 4.0 framework & internally uses IDbConnection driver to connect the database.

1) Can you suggest us which protocol should support to capture query communication using IDbConnection driver in LR 11?.

2) is there any other way can we capture using ODBC protocol.

Problem Solution:  

Currently LR 11 has not been validated .Net Framework 4.0, only up to 3.5 and cannot be done in multiple protocol option. Let me know if you have further questions.

Load Runner 8.1 Version is not supporting "URL Attachment" functionality

Problem detail:   Hi,

We are using Load Runner 8.1 Version to work on Siebel 8.1.1 Version application

In our application Attachment is a module and "NER URL" is a Button

AS per Business process we should attach an URL by clicking on "NEW URL" button. Then we got a pop-up button In that we have added the URL:""

When I go through the application manually this functionality is working fine, But with the Load Runner Script we are getting an error message saying "This functionality is supported"

Kindly assist us on this




Problem Solution:   Currently Load Runner 8.1 has reached its end of support life. Currently we are only working with Load Runner 9.1 and up. Soon 9.1 will also reach end of support. It would be recommended to move to LR 9.5 or 11. Let me know if you would like to do with this service request also.

SOA service test

Problem detail:   We have installed SOA service test license for Loadrunner 9.0 version. When I install the license Vugen is not opened, it’s working before. We are working with HP team since last 4 months but there is no resolution for this. Please send me the WebEx meeting, so that will have a meeting. We get this done today itself.

Kindly help us.

Problem Solution:  

LoadRunner 9.0 did not have the SOA add in or license server, you would have to update to 9.5 to be able to use it. Also LR 9.0 is no longer in support.

Qtp script executing in different url when execute it from LoadRunner

Problem detail:   I have a qtp script that was recorded with url A.

In my test settings, I have an user defined Environment file that refers where the test needs to be run on url B











In my qtp script, I am referring to this environment variable

Environment.LoadFromFile "......."

When I run this script in qtp, the test executes in correct browser B.

When I run this script from Loadrunner, the test executes in the browser A, I need it to run in B.

I have 10 scripts, 6 of them are executing in B and the rest of them are executing in A. I do not know where the reference is set that it is running in A and this is happening only when the script is run from Loadrunner.

Problem Solution:

When the script is executed from QTP, the script accesses the correct URL. However when the same script is run from the LoadRunner Controller, it accesses a different URL.


Run the script through “The Silent Test Runner” application. It allows you to verify if a QTP test is compatible with LoadRunner.

To run QTP test via Silent Test Runner:

Go to Start -> All Programs -> QuickTest Professional -> Tools -> Silent Test Runner

Specify path to the QTP test and press 'Run Test' button

Once test finished replay, click on 'Test Run Log' button and check if it went to correct URL.

Loading the environment file just load the information of the file to the test, so that the user can use the “Environment(…)” statement to access the value of the environment variables specified in the file. In short, loading the environment variables file doesn’t mean you instruct the test to navigate to the specific URL.

In fact, there are different ways to instruct the test to navigate to the specific URL. One way to specify the test to open a specific URL is to use the option “Open the following address when a record or run session begins” and then specify the URL in the “Automation->Record and run settings->Web tab”.

For this, do the following:

1. Open the script in QuickTest Professional.


2. Then, go to QTP menu “Automation->Record and Run settings”, select “Web” tab. Make sure the option, “Open the following address when a record or run session begins” is still selected and change the url to the one that you wants.

Check to see if the script goes to the correct URL now.

The question now arises as to how-to delete the other URLs from 'Record and Run Settings', so that only one URL is available in the dropdown. In this way we can force the reference to only one URL.

The URLs are saved in the registry: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\AddIn Manager\Web\Startup Settings\URL\History\". You'll see registry keys like 0, 1, 2, etc and the URL is saved in each of the keys.

Unable to record Username and Password while scripting any web applications

Problem detail:  

When I try to record any web application, I couldn't capture the username and password in the script.

Vugen Version: 9.52

Windows OS : MS Windows server 2003 R2

Request you to do the needful.

Please revert on any concerns.

Problem Solution:  

I did not receive any further responses for this service request. As I had mentioned we can’t use Single Sign on in Vugen and it would have to be disabled. Can you let me know if you have any follow up in regards to this?

Application using single sign on. He cannot disable it.

Failed to connect to the agent.

Problem detail:  We are not able to connect to the LG from remote machine. Please find the error below.
Failed to connect to the agent.
Load Generator not responding after timeout
Command line that was executed:
-usr ..\dat\lr_trans_server.usr -lnch_interactive -controllerhost "cihcispapp565" -bridge -monitor_parent -extra_ext time_diff_ext -no_exception -eve_file_version 3 -drv_log_file_under_cntrl lr_bridge.log -working_lang 0 -es_unique_id 8 -extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trans_server_extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trs_online_mode 0 -trs_timer_duration 5 -out_communication 0 -extra_ext LrHostBalance -supply_netdir -extra_ext mft_server -lnch_priority normal -no_popups -lnch_interactive -lnch_registry_key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\CurrentVersion\RuntimeEnvironment" -product_name "LoadRunner" -lnch_dont_remove_until_notify

We tried to restart the agent service, but we still facing same issue. Please help us to fix the issue.

Problem Solution: The issue got fixed by retrying.

Not Able to connect to the Sitescope from LR

Problem detail:   we are not able to connect to the Sitescope from controller.

When we entered IP add for the Sitescope server and tried to add counters there we got following error.

Parsing error.
Details: host, port 8888, line: 11.
Reason: End tag 'HEAD' does not match the start tag 'META'.
Contents: <HTML>
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="0"/>
<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"/>

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;CHARSET=Cp1252"/>
META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="10; URL=/SiteScope/htdocs/SiteScope.html"... [MsgId: MMSG-47587]

Problem Solution: Adding authentication for administration group
1. Close LoadRunner Controller
2. Backup the xmlmonitorshared.ini file in <LoadRunner>datmonitors directory
3. Unzip the attached file CPT19144, then copy the xmlmonitorshared.ini file to <LoadRunner>datmonitors directory
4. Re-launch the Controller and add the monitor.
5. When you click on the second 'add' button to add the counters, you should see an authentication pop-up window. Supply the information as you have in the SiteScope

Note: the file only authenticates the administrator account, i.e. /SiteScope?account=administrator on the SiteScope’s User Profile page .

The Cause of this issue is:
User has setup the SiteScope administrator authentication from SiteScope’s Preferences -> Users -> User Profile page

Regarding Scripting for Oracle Mobile Supply Chain application with RTE

Problem detail: We are having application (Oracle-EBS) Mobile supply chain. For this we have recorded the script with RTE (Terminal Emulation) protocol.
We are able to record the script successfully. But when we are running the script using controller and VUGen observed that the saved record (through VUGen) is not saving in the database.

Problem Solution: No resolution given as customer stops responding.

Why is it so that after every reapply (bug fixes) in the apps LR scripts fails?

Problem  detail: Why is it so that after every reapply (bug fixes) in the application LR scripts fail to run?  

Problem Solution: As per what I understand from your email the application you are going to Load Test is going through regular bug fixes/patches cycle this means that depending on the patch you apply to your application it can modify the way it works, so in this case Load Runner may not work for every build of your application. We don’t have a support document for this.

Not able to record some part of the application

Problem detail: After creating a request, the request should go for next level of approval. Since the request generation part is being recorded by the LR but the approval part is not being recognized by the LR.  

Problem Solution: No resolution given as customer stops responding.

Issues with Ajax True Client protocol

Problem detailWe are facing issues with Ajax True client when trying to reply the script multiple iterations.
We are getting object not found errors during the load test.

Problem Solution: No reply from customer

Background jobs administration in SAP BASIS

Background jobs administration in SAP BASIS:

Below are the T-codes used to monitor Background jobs :
Cancelled Jobs: 
  • TCODE : SM37
  • Frequency: Every 15 min
  • Check:   No of jobs terminated, Find out any important jobs terminated,  job log to find out cause of
  •  termination.
  • More information : Tcode ST22,SM21
 Long Running jobs :

  • TCODE :SM37,SM50,DB01,SM21.
  • Frequency : Every  1hr.
  • Check :
  • Check all active jobs and find out long running jobs from Tcode SM37,
  • Tcode SM50,SM66  we can check work process trace file to check for error.
  • Tcode DB01 for Exclusive Lock Wait  Situation
  • Tcode SM21 for System error.

Detailed procedure and Navigation for Scheduling Background Jobs: 
  • Transaction SM36 
  • Assign a job name. 
  • the Job Name field.
  • Set the job’s priority, or "Job Class":
    • High priority: Class A
    • Medium priority: Class B
    • Low priority: Class C
In the Target server field, indicate whether to use system load balancing.
For the system to use system load balancing to automatically select the most efficient application server to use at the moment, leave this field empty.

To use a particular application server to run the job, enter a specific target server.
If spool requests generated by this job are to be sent to someone as email, specify the email address. Choose the Spool list recipient button.
Define when the job is to start by choosing Start Condition and completing the appropriate selections. If the job is to repeat, or be periodic, check the box at the bottom of this screen.

Define the job’s steps by choosing Step, then specify the ABAP program, external command, or external program to be used for each step.
Save the fully defined job to submit it to the background processing system.
When you need to modify, reschedule, or otherwise manipulate a job after you've scheduled it the first time, you'll manage jobs from the Job Overview.

Back ground jobs in SAP, monitoring background jobs, SAP Basis daily monitoring

ABAP Dump Analysis in SAP BASIS

ABAP Dump Analysis is role of SAP BASIS consultant as part of Daily monitoring. For ABAP Dump analysis, ST22 is the T-code

Frequency : Every 15 min
Check : Critical Dumps, Error Analysis and How to correct the error, information on where termination,  occurred, Source code extract.
More  information :  TCODE SM21,SM37

Using Short Dumps to perform Error Analysis
In SDN you will find a blog about diagnostic help that you can find in short dumps:
Analyzing Problems Using ABAP Short Dump: Part1
Analyzing Problems Using ABAP Short Dump: Part 2

Detailed information: 

If an unhanded exception occurs while an ABAP program is executed the ABAP run time environment triggers an ABAP run time error. The execution of the program is terminated and a detailed error log (short dump) is created and saved in the affected ABAP system.
You can access the saved short dump in the following ways:
In a run time error occurs in a dialog process, the system immediately displays a screen with the short dump. For further checks you can then branch directly to the ABAP Debugger. For more information, see Displaying a Short Dump Directly
Using tools of the ABAP Dump Analysis (ST22) you can display information about the run time error that occurred again and investigate the short dump, save it locally, or print it.
You can access the internal Administration of the short dump that has been saved. For example, you can avoid the short dump being deleted automatically.

Daily monitoring t-codes in SAP Basis - ABAP Dump analysis, t-code for ABAP dump analysis.

Where I can get the LR 9.52 patch from HP website

Problem  detail:  Could you navigate me to get the patches of the LoadRunner 9.52, Currently, I am using LoadRunner 9.50

Problem Solution: Here are the step to get the PC 9.52 patch :

1) please log on to
2) Next , please click a 'Download Tab'
3) Click "Software Patches"
4) Key in your HP ID and Password.
5) AT product, choose Performance Center.
6) Choose the version and OS.
7) Click "Search"

Then it should show the patches.

Unable to replay NCA script

Problem detail:  when replay the Oracle-NCA script, after executing following coldes,it hangs and keeps sending heart beat request.
nca_java_action("CS_FIND_CONTRACT_GRID_ITEM_GRID_0", "msgRequested", "");

lr version: 11.03

Problem Solution: Changing the NcaTimerWaitMode will delay the replay engine in searching for the item in case there is an active timer. This is disabled by default as it is not required in most of the cases. The NcaTimerWaitMode can be changed under the [NCA_GENERAL] section in the default.cfg file located under the script folder.

where "value" is number from 0 to 3.

NcaTimerWaitMode=0 The timer expired message is kept in the client message queue until next client terminate message. If an NCA replay function started its object search, but the object was not found and there is active timer in the system, replay waits for timer expiration, flushes the message queue by client terminate messages, and after an answer from a server, tries to find required object.

NcaTimerWaitMode=1 When the NCA replay function is called and there is active timer in the system, always wait for its expiration, flush the message queue, and only then try to find the required object. This mode is useful when a required replay object already exists (no error on this step), but some requested data or form is not ready yet.

NcaTimerWaitMode=2 When a client receives the timer schedule message, it just waits for requested time, generates an expired message, and sends it immediately. There are no messages between the server and client in this case.

NcaTimerWaitMode=3 Differs from mode 1 by immediate message queue flush when an expired message is generated. This mode may be useful when there is no message flush due to NCA replay function execution.
The nca_get_top_window function is called in a script. This function does not produces client messages, so, cannot flush message queue.

Note: The default timer mode in LoadRunner 8.1 onward is set to 3. Hence, NcaTimerWaitMode=3 specifies the default mode in LR 8.1 and newer versions.

Related articles:
Document ID 11913 - How-to and troubleshooting guide for Oracle NCA Vusers
Document ID 12538 - How-to and troubleshooting guide for Multi Protocol (NCA/WEB) Vusers

Not able to record through VUGen Ajax tru client protocol

Problem detailWhen I try to record the script using Ajax tru client protocol i am not able to record, but when i try to open the URL which I want to record in Firefox its opening the URL, but if i try the same thing to record the script by opening the URL I am getting server not found error.

Can you please assist in why I am facing this issues while recording while the URL itself is opening in Firefox when i go manually without using VUGEN.

Problem Solution: I think the issue is with the proxy setting. Can you do this:

How to Set Proxy Values for all the Ajax TruClient Scripts LoadRunner launches Firefox in a temporary profile every time a script is opened for development.
To make the proxy settings available across all these profiles please use the global profile settings.
To do this:
• Open VUGen.
• Open an Ajax TruClient script.
• Go to Tools > Ajax TruClient Browser Options… • In the dialog that opens (“Ajax TruClient Browser Configuration”), select the Proxy tab and define the appropriate Proxy settings.
• In the script, open the Run-Time Settings dialog and then select the General > Other Settings node.
• In the Proxy selection node select the “Use global proxy settings” option. This will make sure that every time the script is opened for development the proxy settings are refreshed from the Ajax TruClient Browser Options.
The Run-Time Settings also enable defining specific proxy settings for each script.

Not able to open results through controller

Problem detail:   I am working on one test of our business. After my test done I clicked on stop in controller, but some users are still in gradual exit state so I have clicked on stop now button but even after this I see some more users are running and they are in exiting state. So I have disabled these users, but I am not able to get results (analysis button is disabled in controller and scenario elapsed time is still going on and I don’t see any increased pass and failed transactions). After I enabled the users also I don’t see any transactions passing or failing. Due to this I am not able to get the results of my test.

problem Solution: Open the Controller, click on the Run tab, and go to Tools -> Options -> Run-Time Settings. In the "When stopping Vusers" category, select "Stop immediately.

Excel 2010 not recording in VUGen

Problem detail:  We recently upgraded our machines to office 2010. Now when we try and launch excel via HTTP recording in Load Runner, excel no longer launches. We have a hyperion application add in that will only work with office 2010.   

Problem Solution:  There is a DLL that can be used on LoadRunner 11. I would need to verify first that this would be the LoadRunner you are using. The DLL can be acquired from here:

1. Close all VUGen components.
2. Go to C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\bin look for the file trpfnc32.dll and take a backup.
3. Next paste the file attached to this email. (

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Controller Crashed while running test

Problem detailController got crashed while running Citrix test today after 52 mins of scenario elapsed time.
Please find below details of the machine that we used.
Operation System: WIN2K8 32bit
ICA Version: ICA
Patches installed on the machine:
LR_03014 for HP LoadRunner 11.00 QFE
HP LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 1
HP LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 2
HP LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 3

Problem Solution: What you explained make us think that the issue you are having on that Load Generator could be related the security settings from Windows, this because the error is just happening on one of the LG’s.

About the User Account Control: UAC is a technology and security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems, with a more relaxed[1] version also present in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 . It aims to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by limiting application software to standard user privileges until an administrator authorizes an increase or elevation. In this way, only applications trusted by the user may receive administrative privileges, and malware should be kept from compromising the operating system. In other words, a user account may have administrator privileges assigned to it, but applications that the user runs do not inherit those privileges unless they are approved beforehand or the user explicitly authorizes it.

Data Execution Prevention: DEP is a security feature included in modern operating systems. It is known to be available in Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems and is intended to prevent an application or service from executing code from a non-executable memory region. This helps prevent certain exploits that store code via a buffer overflow, for example. [1] DEP runs in two modes: hardware-enforced DEP for CPUs that can mark memory pages as non-executable and software-enforced DEP with a limited prevention for CPUs that do not have hardware support. Software-enforced DEP does not protect from execution of code in data pages, but instead from another type of attack (SEH overwrite).

What happen if you run a short test using that Load Generator?

On the Load Generator that is failing please try the following:

1. Press "start" -> "run"
2. Type "regedit"
3. Press "Ok"
4. Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Mercury Interactive/LoadRunner/Vugen/Thumbnails"
4. Double-click on "GenerateThumbs," and set the value to 0.

This because on the snapshot you sent we are seeing that the thumprocess.exe is freeze. Please do it and try to run a test on that machine and let us know how it goes.

Getting Error: Out of memory during test execution

Problem detail:   When we ran a test for 100 users with Local host as LG and application under tested was .net web application, after 50 users are ramped up, we got
Action.c(112): Error -26000: Error: Out of memory !, Snapshot Info [MSH 4 9]
and all the users went to failed status.
But when we saw the event manager logs in the controller machine, there were no errors at the time of test execution.

The script used has viewstate and eventvalidation correlations.

Request you to look into the issue as why we got this error.
Please find below details:

We are using WinServer 2008 Enterprise SP2, Ram 72gb, CPU X5650 2.67ghz.
Logged in as local administrator
the box was used as localhost

Problem Solution:  No solution given

Issues with Ajax TruClient protocol

Problem detail:   We are facing issues with the Ajax Tru Client protocol.

we have been running some load tests for an application and we noticed that with 100 users running on the load test it is taking more than 10GB on RAM on the LG box.

also when we are running the script multiple iterations the script is not able to find the objects on the page.

Please advice on this and let us know if there any way to reduce the RAM utilization for Tru Client scripts

Problem Solution: So far we were able to create the scripts using Web protocol, in case we needed to run any other test using TruClient I will open a new case

Unable to launch application using LR

Problem detailWe are unable to record the Siebel application as its showing "Internet Explorer has experienced a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience" error. Currently we are using LR 11.00 version with IE8 version.

Problem Solution:
First we strongly recommend you to install the 3 patches for LR 11

You can download them from here



Also can you send me a screenshot of the error ?

Can you tell me if you have the DEP disable on your computer? And the OS that you are using its 32 or 64 bits?

Can you tell me the antivirus that you are using on your computer?

Why is it so that after every reapply (bug fixes) in the application LR scripts fail to run?

Problem detail:   I’m using Web HTML protocol for recording scripts.
The application which I’m recording through loads runner is going through regular bug fixes/patches ie is why many scripts failed after every bug fix/patch is applied to application.
Can you provide me a supporting document for the same?
Problem Solution:
As per what I understand from your email the application you are going to Load Test is going through regular bug fixes/patches cycle this means that depending on the patch you apply to your application it can modify the way it works, so in this case LoadRunner may not work for every build of your application. We don’t have a support document for this.

We are getting TE_wait_cursor error while running the test

Problem detail:   We are working for Oracle-Mobile Supply Chain application. For this we are using protocol as RTE(Terminal Emulation).
we have inserted TE_wait_cursor( int col, int row, int stable, int timeout ); function to Waits for the cursor to appear at a specific location in the terminal window.
In script we have given TE_wait_cursor( Col,Row,3000,90); values. For the Col and Row values we are dynamically capturing and placing in the above function.

While running the test we have observed that once the users are in to the application. we are receiving the TE_wait_cursor error. due to this users are aborting.
Kindly help us to resolve the issues.
Please treat this as very critical and urgent.

Problem Solution: Upgrade to LR11SP3 RTE Vuser how-to and troubleshooting guide

LR VUGen Script stability with after Siebel web server up gradation

Problem detail:  We are planning to upgrade Siebel Web server from Iplanet 6.8 to Iplanet 7.
Will there be any impact in LoadRunner scripts stability which was designed early to up gradation.
Please let me know as this information is important for us to implement the up gradation. 

Problem Solution: If you are upgrading your Siebel web server from Iplanet 6.8 to 7 then it should not have much or no effect on us on LR unless the requests have changed

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

HP LoadRunner and Siebel Compatibility

Problem detail:  

Could you please confirm is HP LoadRunner 11.03 is fully compatible and can record and replay Siebel 8.1 Application?

Problem Solution:   I got an update from R&D that Siebel 8.1 is not QA tested but Siebel 8.0 has been tested and it’s supported. If you face any issues with Siebel 8.1, please contact HP support so that we can help you to fix the issue.

Error running truclient script in controller.

Problem detailI have a truclient script recorded to run for a 64 bit machine.

This script run fine in vugen. Also runs fine in Controller when running on local host. But when I connect to a LoadGenerator and try to run this script in controller, get the following error:

Error -203250: ** 1: [not set] ** failed - Object Not Set [MsgId: MERR-203250]

This is a stopping point and cannot run any more test on the load generator and this needs to be fixed asap. Please let us know the solution.

Problem SolutionWhen I tried to install the patch, I got the error:LRLG_00008.exe is not a valid win32 application.
Now I remember when I tried to install the patch LRLG_00002.EXE, I had seen the same error and so I stopped.

We walked through the download of the patch again and found that the actual file was 12MB. Once we tried to install the correct file then the patch was installed successfully. Once the patch was installed the load test ran correctly.


Ajax TruClient issues

Problem detail:   I have some scripts recorded with protocol Ajax TruClient.

Question 1: When I open the script in the interactive mode, the script pane and the browser pane are shown. Is it possible to lock the size of the browser pane? My script steps are not shown fully and when I expand the size of the script window, the browser window shrinks, hiding the buttons and other components of the application and when the script is run, it does not fins the object and the script fails.

If I attempt to expand the browser pane, the objects are in different position and again they don't get recognized and script fails.

I want to make sure the panes open in a size which I can specify making sure the objects open in the same place.

Question 2: How can I have multi Action in tru client script so I can specify run logic and can run the actions in blocks?

Question 3: We do not support our application to run on Mozilla for our clients, but for our testing we have seen our app runs faster on Mozilla. We have issues recording the app with other protocols. Have been able to successfully record with truclient protocol. So wanted to know if I run the truclient scripts under load, is there is difference in response time running a truclient script vs other script which supports IE?

Problem Solution: egarding your questions,
1. About the Develop Mode Pane, there is no way to lock this pane.
2. About multiple Actions,
a. No, there is no possibility to add more than one Action on a script in AJAX TruClient protocol at the moment.
b. This feature might be implemented in the future, but there are other changes/functionality that must be implemented first, so it will not be a an immediate change to the protocol.
3. About “difference in response time running a TruClient script VS other script which supports IE?”,
a. Currently, AJAX TruClient runs only in FireFox, though there are plans to make the protocol work with Internet Explorer with newer versions, this is the current solution that we have.
b. If the application behaves differently in one browser than the other, then there might be differences, and this is out of our control. A script running in load mode is the same as in Develop mode, except that the FireFox window is hidden.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We are facing the Issues while Running the LoadTest for a Citrix Application

Problem detailWhile we are running the Load test for a Citrix Application, we are facing the issues. Below are the deatils,

The Total Concurrent userload used for this test is 20 users, wil 20 Unique User-ID's. When we are running the Load test, after reaching 20 concurrent users & running for 5 to 10mins test is getting failed due the users stucking on the previous windows, by throwing the Error "Sync on WIdow failed".

We has asked application team to settup the connection setting as per the best partices he have on HP Knowledge base. But, these does not helped much. Below are the Load Runner Veriosn deatils & CitRix Applicatio Deatils,

loadRunner deatils:
LR VersionL: 11.0
IE Version: 7, 8.

Citrix Server Details:

Citrix application version 4.5 with Rollup pack 6.
Server OS: windows server 2003 R2 x64 standard.
Citrix web client version 12.x.

Please let us know best possible setting that can be considered during the Citrix load test.

Problem Solutionwhen you run a load test scenario based on an specific amount of time, it may start new iterations for each Vuser, this means the user IDs will be used again. I’m wondering if this would cause an issue with the unique IDs

We are not able to record a citix appication

Problem detailISSUE:
Issues recording Citrix application. Current status : Customer is trying to record a published application via Citrix Single Protocol script via ICA file.

NOTE : VuGen recordings starts fine and citrix client is shown but disappears in a couple of seconds ( with or without VuGen ) >> If credentials are given quickly in Windows Logon part on Citrix Client, then IE window is launched ( seamless mode ) without VuGen. While recording, Application is never shown.

LoadRunner 11 all patches installed ( Critical, 1, 2 and 3 ).
Windows XP SP3 32-bit
Client : "Citrix online plug-in - web" 12.1 ( supported according to expert ).
Server : Citrix version 4.5
* Registry patch was applied according to customer, and citrix client is launched upon recording without issues.

- Provided supportability matrix for Citrix environments.
- Using single protocol script with ICA file that launches manually.
- Process explorer >> showing multiple DLLs including antivirus ( pending upload from customer ).

- Disable DEP Settings completely
- Disable or create exceptions in LoadRunner SW from the Sophos Antivirus
- Disable Seamless mode

- Able to record Citrix BP with LoadRunner

We are trying to record a citrix application, but vugen is failing to launch the citrix part.

Problem SolutionCustomer installed proper client and configuration was done as suggested, able to record successfully


Too many dynamic values using Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol

Problem detailWe are trying to debug some scripts that have to many dynamic values using Web(HTTP/HTML) protocol and we are having several problems to get the scripts done; so the question is if there is another way or another protocol that we can use to avoid getting most of those dynamic values.

Problem Solution: After some discussions with internal group. They suggested to do the following:

1. Customer is using Viewstate - Uploaded Viewstate_Cor_NEW.rar with the case.
Suggest customer to unzip and import .cor file in Vugen
Vugen -> Recording options -> Correlation -> Import the .cor file.

2. Regenerate the script after uploading correlation rules.
Then replay and see if that helps.
3. If it still sees replay issues,
a. 2 set of zipped script folder replayed with all extended logs enabled.
Two script allows us to verify if any further dynamic values that require correlation.
4. Make sure you have applied patches and using latest LR 11.3 version.

5. Also try using web C&S protocol and see if it helps correlate dynamic values.
Check if the application can work with Firefox to suggest to use TruClient protocol.

Please record the application using the following included settings in the video file.

Let me know your findings after the changes applied.

If the file cannot be attached please download it from the Ibackup:

Issues with Dynamic values

Problem detailWe are facing issues with a web(http/html) script we are not able to catch the dynamic values on the script.

we are getting the values on the Reply/Generation Log of the script but when we try to create a correlation for it, the script is always failing.

Problem SolutionI understand you are having issue with Dynamic data in the script. Correlation requires additional script customization and we can give you some tips for this, documentation and also verify the error. Script customization is not our scope as a support group and is something you must understand from our end.

Let me know the error you are getting during the script reply or a copy of the script.

My recommendations for this are the following:

1. You can enable automatic correlation in order to handle a series of standard values; under recording option you can find a list of correlation rules for this.

2. If automatic correlation does not work the next step will be using you own correlation rules; but for this you require a deep knowledge of the application under test and previous correlation.

3. For manual correlation:

a. Make sure to have two scripts with same recording option, same business process (including same steps).
b. Enable full logs
c. Reply both script will let you compare the content during recording/reply and is a start point when you need to find data that is changing all the time.

4. Additional protocols like web/Ajax (Click and Script) or Tru Client are design to skip correlation in most of the case.

Check this information and let me know any outcome.

Do I need a separate License for J2EE and .Net License

Problem detailHi While trying to configure J2EE/ .Net Application I am getting following error message in LoadRunner Controller.

You Do Not have license for J2EE/.Net Diagnostics Application.

Pls let me know do I need any other type of license. if yes provide me its type and other details which I need while placing request.

Problem SolutionThe J2EE/.NET Diagnostics license is used on the Controller to be able to connect LoadRunner with Diagnostics.
You should get in contact with your Sales Rep. in order to check how this is handled into your license. This is because as from a technical support point of view it would be just to apply this license, but we do not handle any information about how this is included in your contract.

Having issues on parametizing XPath values

Problem detailam working on a True Client Script and we are having issues to change the value used on <//span[text()="ltuser126"]>.

I was able to use the Param=LR.getParam("Value");instruction on some other places but I also need to make the "ltuser126" value changing on each iteration.

Please suggest on how to use a parameter value for XPath codes.

Just for your reference if I change the value for any other, for example: <//span[text()="ltuser55"]> the script works as expected.

Problem SolutionResolution in order to handle parametizing XPath values:
Added JS code below:

var test="(//span[text()=\""+ArgsContext.LR.getParam("UserNameParam")+"\"])[2]"

Script replays without error

check journal for more information.

Correlation value in UFT-8 format instead of plain text

Problem detail: Correlation values are been retrieved in UTF-8 format and when are been substituted an error is generated for the request where the dynamic value is used.

Kindly ask you for a way to convert UTF-8 to plain text that could be used for parameter substitution.

Problem Solution: Customer had silverlight 4 application and was using Web HTTP/HTML
Suggested to use Silverlight protocol --\

Silverlight is a separate protocol by itself. It is a new protocol introduced in LoadRunner 11. It has Web HTTP/HTML as a subset.

Silverlight 2 and 3 are fully supported. Silverlight 4 is supported except if you use TCP binding.

For Silverlight, please refer to Vugen Guide Chapter 32 (page 882 through 885)

You can access manuals online as follows:

Start ---> All Programs ----> HP LoadRunner ----> documentation ---> Here you will see all manuals in pdf format and Online Function Reference.

Please see KB articles given below on Silverlight:

About Silverlight protocol and versions suppported with LoadRunner 11\

Gave her the correlation rules ie. .cor file for viewstate and eventvalidiation.

Showed her how to do manual correlation using treeview--

1. Compared two scripts which were recorded without autocorrelation enabled using the Wdiff utility.

2. Found a value that different that in both recordings.

3. Checked for the first occurrence of that value in the Generation Log. Found that it was part of response from ta server.

4. Went to treeview and searched the previous step in the script in server response and was able to find the value.

5. Got the Left and Right boundaries to find the value uniquely.

6. Put in the web_reg_save_param in the script.

7. Replaced all occurrence of values in the script with the value of the parameter in web_reg_save_param.

In this way, we correlated a few values.

We replayed the script with extended logging and saw the values captured by web_reg_save_param and the parameter substitution done.

She did the rest of correlations manually as I had shown her.

Issue with app with GWT and Siteminder authentication

Problem  detailWe are having issues replaying a script. We have tried different protocols without success (Web, Click and script and truclient). We are getting a 500 http error while trying to retrieve a data table.

Application has been created with GWT and uses SiteMinder authentication. We think It might be an authentication issue but there are no values to correlate.

We are getting this error log on app server:
java.lang.SecurityException: Blocked request without GWT permutation header (XSRF attack?)

Want to know if there is any known problem or technology incompatibility and help to handle this scrip to work.

Problem Solution:   Went over how-to do manual correlation.

Here are some Knowledge Base articles on correlation :

1. KM170043 -- Title: What is correlation and how is it done

2. KM198688 -- Title: Webinar - The Art and Science of Correlating Web Applications

3. KM175230 -- Title: How to troubleshoot errors with the web_reg_save_param correlation function

Also you can reference the online documentation on LoadRunner -- "Virtual User Generator User's Guide" on "Correlation" with reference to "Web HTTP Protocol".

Start ---> All Programs ---> LoadRunner ---> Documentation ---> Here you will see manuals in pdf format.

Customer had questions on siteminder as to its support with loadrunner --

I had asked this question to R&D. The following is the response that I received from R&D regarding this --

Looking at Siteminder, R&D sees it as a SSO(Single Sign On) solution and as a CA, so LoadRunner should handle it as it handles any authentication/authorization/login

Regarding GWT, do you know please let us know if it is GWT-RPC - does it have unique GWT payloads captures at web_custom_requests when recording the script?
GWT can be used as UI layer alone(nothing interesting on the transport layer) or with its RPC mechanism (with payloads that are harder to parameterize & correlate).

Controller Crash

Problem  detail:  

We were executing one test from the LR 11.03 on our VM, in the first 3 hours the test was running fine but when we reached 3 hours we lost the controller. the controller get crashed. we checked in the process list and we found it is not there anymore.

We looked into the CPU usage it was only 15% and the controller is responding in normal speed.

Problem Solution:   I look to the log you sent over but there is no indication of why wlrun fail. However, in the log mention there issue with :

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: HP.LT.Logger
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date: 10/19/2011
Time: 12:53:14 AM
User: N/A
Computer: CORP-J7R1YD1

Its a known issue for .NET 2.0.

Please try this solution :

Open the following file in notepad
And replace
<generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

Can you try this at the trouble LG ?

Citrix protocol

Problem detail:  


I want to use citrix protocol for my scripting as my application is Citrix based.
Can you please list down all work around items that I need to run my load runner scripts through this eg ICA citrix client etc.

Abhinav Sharma

Problem Solution:   Its pending on customer

Big Cinemas Hyderabad,Ameerpet.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Problem in installing LoadRunner11

Problem  Details:- I downloaded the two files

I am trying to install loadrunner but I am unable to unzip the folders and continuously getting the files as "corrupt files" error.

Note:Both these files are in the same directory.
Please provide the resolution ASAP.I would be grateful


Problem Solution:- Navigate to the support portal:
Click on "Downloads" tab
Click on "Demos and Downloads"
Enter your HP Passport credentials when needed.
You will have visibility to LR 11 (and other) downloads, if you have support for LoadRunner 11 as part of your HP Support Agreement Identifier (SAID) -- HP SAIDs can be configured in the HP Passport Profile.
Procedure to download:
1. Copy both (1,561,470KB) and Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 (1,843,200KB) files under same folder.
When both of them are downloaded, you should be able to see the files as
Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 - When try to download this file, it still saves as by default and might replace original - Make sure to save this file as .z01
2. Using winrar, extract the .zip file (> It will automatically refer to z01 file as well.
3. This will create .iso file ( file size 4,212,288KB).
4. Use Winrar to extract the s/w from iso file (Requires another 4+ GB of space).
5. Double click on setup.exe under the main folder for installation.
6. Same applies for ALM and PC downloads.
7. Make sure to have adequate space.

98th% values and Max values are same in graph data of Trans resp percentile grap

Problem Details:- We are getting same values in columns for 98th Percentile and 100% in graph data of Trans resp percentile graph. We ran the test with almost 20 scripts. For some of transactions values are differing, but most of the transactions values are same for 98th percentile and Maximum.
Request you to help me on this.
Kindly let me know if any other details are required.
Please keep the below people in the loop for any response that you provide.

Problem Solution:-  Regarding the description of your issue,
That is actually an expected behavior, because there may be many iterations of the same transaction that ended up with the same timing.
A percentile is the value of a variable below which a certain percent of observations fall. For example, the 20th percentile is the value below which 20 percent of the observations may be found. In this case, you want to look at the 98th percentile values of your transactions which is a value pretty close to 100th%. Also, from the 98th% values that are different to the maximum value, you should see a small difference between them.

Is it a totally different behavior the one that you are facing? If so, please attach screenshots from Analysis explaining this issue.

Let me know how we may proceed with our ticket.

More Information:-

Actually the results from the load test is not something that we can control.
In order to make sure that you we are analyzing the data correctly, it is always recommended to use the latest version + patch of Analysis.
In this moment, the latest version is Analysis 11 with Patch 2 Critical Update as the latest applied patch.

We do not have notice about any issues or bugs related to the statistics handling of LoadRunner Analysis.

Also, I see that, in the example you sent, you executed each transaction for 9 iterations. It will take the Maximum value because if it takes the one that is under it, it will be the 88th percentile. You can set Analysis to show you the 88th percentile, or lower and you will start getting different values than the Maximum value.
If you execute enough iterations to take the 98th percentile calculations, then you will notice different values. This will start happening from 50 iterations and so on.

Please let me know how to proceed with our ticket.

More Information:-


if we calculate the 98 percentile using an excel formula we found that it provides us a different values for 98 percentile and maximum values. I’m attaching an example of the calculation and you could see that we have made the calculation for transaction over and below 50 iterations and it looks like for transactions with less than 50 iterations the formula interpolates the values to get the 98th percentile, is the Analysis tool able to emulate that behavior?

Also this is the information about version and patches for LR
Analysis Version:
Installed Patches: LR_03014 for HP LoadRunner 11.00 QFE
HP LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 1
HP LoadRunner 11.00 Patch 2

More Information:-

Thanks for your responses.
However, by definition Excel performs this interpolation if k is not a multiple of 1/(n – 1). (taken from
And LoadRunner Analysis instead of doing this interpolation, uses the definition of Percentile and rounds the result of the position to the nearest integer and then takes the value that corresponds to that rank.
Squall was able to prove that by saying:
“For those transactions which got more than 50 iterations we will have the difference between the max and 98 percentile.”
That is because the 98th percentile will return the position of the 49th value.

I have reviewed this ticket with our Senior Engineers and they have confirmed this behavior.

Please let me know how to proceed with our ticket.

More Information:-

I get your point. However, as previously explained, LoadRunner Analysis is doing right at the time of calculating the Percentile, even for transactions with less than 50 iterations.
Statistically, to calculate the 98th percentile value this needs to be done:
1. Sort the transaction instances by their value.
2. Remove the top 2% instances.
3. The highest value left is the 98th percentile.

In case that you execute less than 50 iterations, if you try to remove the top 2% instances of the transaction times, you will not be able to remove any instances and will still get the maximum value.

The following document describes how the percentile is calculated:

More Information:-

If it is ok for you, I can create an Enhancement Request to add the interpolation as an option at the time of calculating the Percentile values. However, this would be a feature that our R&D department will consider to implement in future versions of LoadRunner


Load Runner Error Recording NCA Oracle

Problem Details:- Im trtying to run a script that recorded a web application using Oracle components, I used Oracle NCA protocol along with web html when is running the Oracle components part, it will show me the following

Action.c(111): Error: nca_edit_press("933") failed, Window or object is not displayed.
The window currently in focus: "Error".
The last popup/alert message received: "stop - Cannot complete applications logon. You may have entered an invalid applications password, or there may have been a database connect error."

I was told by a previous agent that I had to record the script using this parameter "?record=names" to record objects names instead of objects IDs, which is doing, but I had no success using this whatsoever. I would like some assistance on this matter as soon as it could possibly be.

Problem Solution:-  Could you please provide us with the following information?

• Are there other HP products installed on the machine (exact versions?),

• The different patches installed on the machine (“Start”>”Programs”>”Mercury LoadRunner”>”LoadRunner”>”Help”>”About LoadRunner”), save and
send us the htm file (e.g. LoadRunnerInfo.htm),

• Operating system (Service Pack? 32/64 bits?),

• Disable any Firewall and antivirus running,

• Set the Data execution prevention settings as AlwayOff;

• The script and the extended log

Please follow the steps below:
• Modify the Run Time Settings (Select Log > Check the box “Enable Logging” > Select “Always Send Message” > “Extended Logs” > Check
the boxes “Parameter substitution”, “Data returned by server” and “Advanced trace”),
• Replay the script,
• Zip the whole related script directory (File > Zip Operations > Export to Zip File),
• Attach the file to the incident.

• A screenshot of any error message displayed.

• Record your business process.
1. Launch the WebEx Recorder application.
2. Go to File -> Open Application from the menu in the WebEx Recorder window.
3. Select “Windows Desktop” from the “WebEx Recorder-Open Application” dialog.
4. Choose a file name and location to save the recording to. The file extension is .wrf (WebEx Recording File).
5. Clear the “Record Audio” checkbox in the “Recorder Panel.”
6. Click on the “Record” button in the “Recorder Panel.”
7. Record your business process
8. Click on the “Stop” button in the “Recorder Panel.”
You can get the WebEx Recorder from the following link:

Please upload the information in the next FTP site:

I’m the engineer with this case. I’ve taken everyone else off the CC since they are not involved.

Once I have the script with full extended logging as Oscar asked, I will be able to make some progress.

Also I need to know the version of Oracle (app server, forms server, etc) involved.

The issue is probably in the web part, where likely a dynamic variable needs to be correlated.

More Information:-

The FTP below is associated with the case. If you have any issues with it I can make a web-based share (please let me know):

User: SC046114
Pass: +CI6cu+D

i’m attaching the files that were asked.

For the previous questions:

There’s only HP Business Process Monitor 8.04 and VuGen 9.50 installed in the machines

There’s no Mercury LoadRunner Version is HP and there’s no menu for HP LoadRunner in Start menu can you share the path in which I can get the Load Runner file?

Windows XP SP 3

Due to business process rules we are unable to disable antivirus and firewall.

I’m attaching the script to the URL given, result3 folder comes from the last execution using all Log options.

I also attached the error on I’m getting in VuGen.

More Information:-

Comments, suggestions, or feedback? Please email my manager:

HP Software Support values your thoughts and ideas regarding your overall Software Support experiences. Please contact us anytime at to share your comments.

You will also have the opportunity to complete an online survey upon closure of each support case. The survey will provide additional information and will help us to continue to improve your support experience so please take a few minutes to complete the survey should you receive one.

“Questions about SW Support Tools & Resources or how to effectively log a support case? - Please go to HP Software Support Handbook or SSO Online Tutorial”


More Information:-

I can’t see any scripts attached to the case – or to your e-mail. If you sent by e-mail, they may have been removed by outlook server.

Can you use case manager to add attachments? You can add .zip attachments right to the case if you can use case manager (the tool you use to log the case).

In VuGen, you can use “Help|About” and then “Details” to show the full VuGen version (please send a screen dump of the whole details screen).

Once I have the scripts I will know more.

If you have troubles sending the scripts to the case or by email let me know and I will setup another way.

More Information:-

I’ve not yet got the data I requested.

Here is an alternate to emailing scripts or attaching them to the case:

If you use the above, please email me again when you have finished uploading to iBackup as I don’t get any notification you have uploaded something.

More Information:-

customer's fix:

The objects couldnt be found and they were recorded only with id, also they appeared as popups, the value that we needed to record was not replayed for it wouldnt capture the pop up so we added the value that we needed to replay in the same line as this:

nca_edit_set("933", "CLOSED");

With this, will replay the same value that the pop up will thow

LR 11 windows

Problem Details:- LR 11
customer is trying to get help to download the LR because because it seems to be locked , coz he thinks he downloaded half of it since it asked for second file

Problem Solution:-  install the patch that is for the complete LR suite

Critical update

Critical Patch update 1

Critical Patch update 2

Is a pleasure help you and support your process.

More Information:-

My name is Alfredo Diaz, from HP Load runner department, and I’m going to help you
With your issue since this moment, please feel free to ask, describe information or
Contact me.

LR 11 that you can download from the following links and in the moment
to run the Vuser on the controller please call directly to the HP Licensing department at 1-877-837-8457 option 2
And they should help you with the require license.

Please download the LR 11 version from the following
link and as attachment you will be able to find the installation guide.

In order to unzip the file please follow these steps

1. Save all the files in the same folder.
2. Download Winzip tool from this link.
3. Using Winzip please start stracting the file named as, through the
unzipping process it should ask for the next file in a consecutive order
(.z01,.z02,.z03,…) or it even can do it without ah confirmation by winzip software.
4. The .iso file contains just the stand alone LoadGenerator and it can be uncompressed
with winrar software with just making right click over the file.

If you get any error with the previous link please try to download the
file from the following FTP.
You need to store all the files in the same folder.


If you are having problems logging on the FTP please try using the following site and user
password credentials described below

FTP System:
Login: lrv11
Password: LoadRu11

If you are not able to use any of the two provided download links the best option
would be to directly contact the HP Software upgrade department and request the LR 11
media, they can provide you physical or downloadable media from different places.
You can call to 1-877-837-8457 option 2 and request the media.

Application failed to load the citrix when record the script by LoadRunner.

Problem Details:-

Application is running fine but failed to load the citrix when record the script by LoadRunner.

Pls find the snapshot by the URL:

The script is runnig fine in another BPM.

Pls find the below information for the problematic BPM:
1.BPM version:8.02.
2.OS platform: Windows XP 2002.
3.The user ID that runs on this instance:GERobot1.
5.BAC version: 8.06.

If you have any concern about this pls contact me by Tel:+86-0411-83665981 on CST time.


Problem Solution:-  Regarding your issue,
Please send us the script after replay with full extended logs enabled.
From the document you sent, the screenshot comes from the Snapshot on error feature. Are you getting this error when recording or replaying the script?
Do you have McAfee installed on your machine?
Which is the Citrix Client version that you are using?
Which is the Citrix Server version that your application is running at?
Which Vugen version are you using? Is it the latest that your BPM instance support?

NOTE:- I have replied the mail to Dov & Antonio,the issue has gone now,it may be some changes from the application.
Pls close this HP case. Thank you for all your help!

LR need urgen assistance

Problem Details:- 9.5 Loadronner
Operatin System:
Problem: windows 7 professional
can not install the product need urgent assistance
they want the version 9.5

Problem Solution:-  Regarding your question you can download it from here

FTP System: (

Login: rodl_91x

Password: r+QA7mm+ (NOTE: CASE-sensitive)

FTP Access:


Also you may need to know that LR 9.5x doesn’t support windows 7 if you want to use windows 7 you may need to use LR 11

More Information:-

Also you can try to download it from the SSO page, there is the information to download the files:
To download the LoadRunner Application please use the following link:
Use the link under the Trial Software, this software is trial because include a trial license, However after a permanent license is install the software is completely functional.
the file you will download, is an ISO file this means a digital image of DVD, and it does not open by double click the file, the option in this case is to use a software to load the file and be
able to execute the information inside the image.

There are different software to read the ISO files the following are two possible options that you may use read the ISO file:
1. Virtual CloneDrive [ ]
2. DAEMON Tools [ ]

And then please download and apply this patch.
LoadRunner 9.51 Patch
LoadRunner 9.52 Patch

Or we can create a case with the software delivery team and they can send you the physical DVD but we don’t know how long is going to take to receive it .

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ajax Trueclient Transactions Define Issue

Problem Details:- We were running an Ajax Trueclient test but we were facing some issue during the test for transactions.

The issue is some transaction would be missed without status reported. Usually we would have all the status include in the scripts.

The root cause for this issue is the transaction was not started when we got an error. The error will stop the script playing but without reporting one transaction failed. Screenshot is attached. We are still trying to find out the best way to solve this issue.

During the scripting we do kept all the action into the transaction. But we are getting this error still.

Problem Solution:- 
You can always add a ‘dummy’ step (that will always end successfully, like Eval JavaScript with no argument) before the first step within the transaction and attach the transaction to that step.