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Abaper Job Responsibilities, Requirements

Abaper Job Responsibilities, Requirements

Abaper Job Responsibilities:

1.Work with functional colleagues to understand functional design requirements,preparing technical specifications, SAP ABAP changes and projects before codingappropriate solutions; ensuring suitable consideration is given to global impact,change management, strategic fit and on-going support in order to deliver aworld class solution  
2.Work on all aspects of ABAP programming such as Reports, Transaction, DialogueProgramming and SAP scripts   3.Identify system deficiencies/errors then develop and implement effectivesolutions
4. Performs complex ABAP programming, testing and debugging functions related to theimplementation of SAP modules .
5. Co-operate with business analysts and customers to understand users¶ requirements for newABAP reports; interfaces; data conversion programs and forms.
6. Provide R/3 expertise in data conversion management; application development and securityaccess.
7. Develops, communicates and implements SAP Security Profiles and ABAP Reportprocedures.
8. Analyzes SAP requirements; designs and codes ABAP programs to meet the specifications.
9.Translate functional specifications into SAP ABAP technical specifications
10.Conduct new functionality/enhancement assessments and suggest areas forimprovement in the internal processes and make recommendations or solutionsto support the ever changing business needs
11.Actively contributes to the corporate knowledge base
12. Guides and trains other junior ABAP programmers in the development of applications.

 Abaper Job Holder Requirements:
 1. Degreeor Diplomin Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering or related disciplines.
2. More than 4 years experience in active SAP ABAP programming and related area.
3.Possess significant knowledge of SAP systems architectures
4. Knowledge of ABAP programming tools including Report and Transaction creation,Enhancements, Conversion Programs, SAPscript, and Smart Forms.5. Good team player, self-motivated and meticulous, good communication skills, stronganalytical skills and technical trouble-shooting skills and able to work under pressure and tightschedule.
6.Understand database specific compatibilities issues and the benefits of thevarious design methodologies and object oriented environments
7.Experience in overcoming challenges in remote working such as overseaslocations, cultural differences and spilt time-zones.
8.A team player who is also able to work independently on problems and issues.
9.Result oriented and concluding work ethic.
10.Possess analytical, organisational and problem solving skills.

11.Be able to work under pressure and manage stressful situations confidently andeffectively.

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