Monday, 6 January 2014

ABAP Editor, Function Builder

ABAP Editor, Function Builder

ABAP Editor
The next and probably most commonly used part of the ABAP Workbench is the ABAP Editor, which much of this course will focus upon. The ABAP Editor is where all of the code is created, the logic built and, by using forward navigation (a function within an SAP system which will be discussed later), function modules defined, screens created and so on. The ABAP Editor can be found under the 'Development' menu, as shown above and with transaction code SE38
Function Builder

The next important part of the Workbench is the Function Builder, which is similar to the ABAP Editor. Its main function is to define specific tasks that can be called from any other program. Interfaces are created in the Function Builder, where the different data elements and different types of tables are defined, that can be passed to and from the Function which is built. The Function Builder will be discussed a little later on, when the programs created are encapsulated into function modules. The Function Builder can be called with transaction code SE37.