Monday, 30 December 2013

Sunset Point Mount Abu India


Sunset Point located in South West of Nakki Lake provides you a scenic view of the setting sun. Hundreds of people swarm this area in the evening amidst a carnival atmosphere. Food stalls, souvenir shops abounds the area. The scenic hills, tranquil surrounding, and the pleasant climate makes it a favorite spot of the tourists. The Honeymoon Point located close by is another attraction of Mount Abu. Sunset Point is a good place to pick up trinkets and knick knacks. Carved marble statues, sandalwood idols, wooden toys and the likes can be seen all over the spot. Food stalls are a regular here.

Pony rides are a favorite with toddlers. Baylay’s Walk, another Viewer’s spot lies just 5 kilometers from Sunset Point. Sun Set can also be seen from the Guru Shikhar - the highest point at Mount Abu. From this place, thousands of feet down in the plains the charming sight of distant places, villages and beutiful green valleys represents very attractive atmosphere.

Sunset Point Mount Abu India