Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Queens Bath Hampi India


Queen's Bath, located in Royal Enclosure, is a rectangular building with the long veranda inside approaching a square tank of 6 feet depth from all sides. This is considered as the Royal bath, where the king and his wives had their baths. 

It's believed that water in the tank was filled with perfumes and fragrance flowers for the royal family. Outside the Queen’s bath lies the pond encircling the building. Bridge like structures are seen at some points where one can cross the pond. The building is designed such a way that intruders could be prevented from walking into the place where the royal women take their bath. 

The architecture of the bath is in the style of Indo-Saracenic and seems to be bit Islamic style than the Hindu style. Presently, as many other sites in Hampi, it is in ruins.

Queens Bath Hampi India