Thursday, 19 December 2013

Jwalamukhi Temple Dharamsala India


The Jwalamukhi temple is idyllically located in the Beas valley, around 56 km from Dharamsala. The temple is known for not housing an idol but what revered here is a burning blue flame that seems to be burning constantly from the rocks. According to legends, the flame is believed to be of Demon Jalandhara who was buried under the mountains by Lord Shiva.Built by Sikh Raja Khaak Singh, the temple is popular for its ornate architecture, the most important being the gold laden pinnacles and silver doors. There are two annual fairs (Nagini Mata and Navratra Fair) held during the month of April and mid-October which would be the best time to visit this temple.It is situated on a small spur on the Dharamsala-Shimla road, which is around 20 km from the Jwalamukhi road railway, the temple can be accessed through buses and taxis.