Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bara Bazar Aizawl India


Bara Bazar is a popular flea market in Aizawl, and is the main shopping centre of the hill station. Located on the other side of the ridge, this market is lined with stalls selling garments and other commodities. The market is most famous for purchases like bright colourful traditional garments, handmade wicker baskets  and many other things.

The Zion Street inside the market is crowded with shops selling garments and music cassettes. From the shops on another street, travellers can buy produce from the farms and homesteads, such as river crab in small wicker baskets. The inhabitants of the city, selling produce, home made things and other items are usually dressed in traditional dresses that depict the culture of the state's capital.

Bara Bazar Aizawl India