Saturday, 19 October 2013

Gathering Performance SLA's

Gathering Performance SLA's

There are multiple ways of gathering performance SLA's

1) Understand the web site actual usage pattern. Mostly this information can be collected from the web server log files which are considered as the "gold mines" to know every possible detail about the server load. The "log analyzers" tools which helps to analyze the web log files and provide the analysis report in terms of number of user sessions, number of unique users, number of errors, peak day traffic, peak hour traffic, user request arrival pattern, frequently accessed pages, user navigation pattern, etc. From this analysis, the actual usage of the server can be identified. This procedure helps to set the quantitative SLA for the application

 2) Based on the Business forecast, Service Level Agreement (SLA's) needs to be derived to be met by the application in order to handle the user load in the target environment

  3) Bench marking of entire application to come up with some DATA, if it is a brand new application which is doing FIRST TIME performance testing