Saturday, 19 October 2013

Automatic Process of Pulling Results from Analysis (Using MDB file)

Automatic Process of Pulling Results from Analysis (Using MDB file)

As we know after generating LR analysis file  if you observe in this folder one MDB file will generate.

Using this MDB file we can do some basic analysis.

We have developed small VB script  you need to give your MDB file as input to this tool. 

MDB Analyzer is very helpful for LR analyzing, it will give you the total Passed transactions, failed transactions ,transaction summary, page summary, Vuser summary

You can run this file windows XP OS directly, windows-7, 64 bit OS pls follow the procedure .

How to use the MDB Analyzer:

Windows XP OS:

1.       Go to particular path :

2.    We can run this VBScript file  in Windows XP OS system directly

3.       Double click on MDB.Vbs file

4.       Give  the path of MDB file. After that you need to specify the result file directory of this file.

5.       All your results will store in excel sheet.

Using windows-7 OS you need to follow below procedure :

If you are executing this vbs file in windows-7, 64 bit OS you need to follow this procedure

c:\windows\syswow64>cscript  E:\path of the mbd file\mdb.vbs

After executing file give the path where MDB located

Next step is where you need to located the results file, I mean XLS files  will store all results.

This spread sheet having three columns

1.Transaction summary (Run name, Transaction name, AVG,min, max, Count, Transaction End status ) 
 2.Page summary        (Page Name, AvgSize,min size, max size, Count, Minimum ,Maximum, Average) this is for only web applications, Client server applications it won’t generate.

3.Vuser Summary       (VuserID, Vuser end status, Status count)

Here is the link for downloading of MDB tool and user guide also for your reference.

Now you can also download for doing automatic results collection. You must be save TIME:)