Friday, 23 August 2013

SilkPerformer Online Training


 Introduction training
  • Describe Borland SilkPerformer
  • Identify the Business Need for SilkPerformer
  • Describe the Business and IT Issues that SilkPerformer Addresses
  • Compare the Alternative Approaches to Borland SilkPerformer
  • Identify Silk Performer’s Strengths and Differentiators
  • Describe How Borland SilkPerformer Works
  • Explain how Borland SilkPerformer Integrates with other Borland Products
  • Identify the Overall Benefits to a Business Using Borland SilkPerformer

Modelling and Implementing Load Tests –SilkPerformer

  • Load Testing Fundamentals
  • Silk Performer Overview
  • Project Plan, Test Plan, and Project Outline
  • Modelling the Scripts
  • Customizing the Test
  • Finding and Confirming Baseline
  • Adjust Workload and Run Test
  • Introduction to BDL Scripting
  • Data Types, Variables, and Randomizing
  • Profile Settings
  • Object Recognition
  • Capturing Your Application
  • Accessing Dynamic Objects
  • Dynamic Tags

Results Analysis and Correlation

  • Reviewing the Basics
  • Using Performance Explorer
  • Understanding Quantified Data
  • Analysing Client-Side Data
  • Analysing Scenarios
  • Analysing Server Side Data
  • Other Client-Side Measures

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  1. Sindu will you give training on Silk performer? If so let me know when you are available to give and how much you charge.