Friday, 23 August 2013

Quality Center Online Training

                                                                 Quality Center

What is Quality Center?

The Requirement Module

The Test Plan Module

The Test Lab module

The Defects Module

Administration: Site Administration and Project Administration

Project Administrator

Actions that can be performed through Project Administration (In depth)

  • Change User Properties
  • Set Up Project Users
  • Set Up Groups
  • Customize Module Access
  • Customize Project Lists
  • Configure Auto mail
  • Set Traceability Notification Rules
  • Set Up Workflow

Actions that can be performed through Site Administration (In depth)

  • Add users to the project
  • Set users as a project Administrator
  • Change user password
  • Add new user
  • Delete users
  • Add new Domain/Project
  • Upgrading and Migrating projects
  • Activate/de-activate a project
  • Exporting user data
  • Mange user connections and licenses
  • Configuring servers and parameters
Analyzing site