Friday, 23 August 2013


     Jmeter Training Contents


·         History

·         The Future

vGetting Started

·         Requirements

·         Java Version

·         Operating Systems


·         Downloading the Latest Release

·         Downloading Nightly Builds

vRunning Jmeter

·         JMeter's Class path

·         Using a Proxy Server

·         Non-GUI Mode

·         Distributed Mode

·         Overriding Properties Via The Command Line

·         Logging and Error Messages

·         Full list of command-line options

vConfiguring Jmeter

·         Building a Test Plan

·         Adding and Removing Elements

·         Loading and Saving Elements

·         Configuring Tree Elements

·         Saving the Test Plan

·         Running a Test Plan

·         Error reporting

vElements of a Test Plan

·         Thread Group

·         Controllers

·         Samplers

·         Logic Controllers

·         Listeners

·         Timers

·         Assertions

·         Configuration Elements

·         Pre-Processor Elements

·         Post-Processor Elements

·         Execution order

·         Scoping Rules

·         Properties and Variables

·         Using Variables to parameterise tests

vBuilding a Web Test Plan

·         Adding Users

·         Adding Default HTTP Request Properties

·         Adding Cookie Support

·         Adding HTTP Requests

·         Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results

·         Logging in to a web-site

vBuilding an Advanced Web Test Plan

·         Handling User Sessions With URL Rewriting

·         Using a Header Manager


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