Saturday, 26 January 2013

Unable to execute the citrix script in controller

We built citrix scripts in vugen(LR 11) and the scripts are working fine in Vugen, In controller the scripts are working individually.

While working with Multiple users with Multiple scipts in controller users are directly going in to failed state.
The Error was:
"Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination"
"Action.c(15): Error: Got unexpected disconnect event, exiting ..."
The details are
LR version : 11.00
ICA : Program Neighborhood( Citix Xen App)

We do not recommend you run Citrix or other GUI VUsers on a controller used as a generator. Do you have a remote generator available you can use? It may work in an emergency or for a small number of vusers.
Please confirm you have Patch 2 applied to all your LR11 components – as it is required; and please let me know the following:
- Citrix XenApp server version.
- XenApp Client version.
- If you are using the later XenApp client, you will need to run our LR agent as a process (by default it runs as a Windows service). Here is a KB: -- because the LR agent is implemented slightly differently on a controller, I am not sure the workaround is applicable; you may try to run the agent process by executing magentproc.exe in LR\launch_service\bin. Again please do use remote generators for Citrix VUsers.
- On the controller (and any generator) we require you have the Citrix Registry Patch applied after you install LR and LR patches, and if your Citrix client is updated/re-installed. You can double-click the registry patch file we include with LR, in the product folder LR\dat – it is named Enable_Citrix_API.reg. If this patch is not applied before you record or replay you will have problems.
- are you using the LR Citrix agent on the Citrix server(s) hosting the app – if so, please let me know the agent patch level.
- can you launch multiple instances of the Citrix app from the controller using your ICA file or program neighborhood agent (or Citrix web interface) – outside of VuGen, in the same user console session on the controller?
- Does your Citrix server(s) have the ICA connection settings set to “terminate session” when the session is disconnected? If you don’t have this set, if the sesssion terminates or dies unexpectedly, the second time it is launched/ran, will re-connect to that application in the same state. Setting “terminate session” is needed for load testing and your Citrix admins can help configure it on the Citrix servers.
- If installing the registry patch or running the agent as a process doesn’t’ help, and if you can launch multiple instances of the app from the same client outside of VuGen, please upload to the case:
o your script, replayed with full extended logging (all three extended log options) – plus “always send messages”.
o your ICA file used to launch your app
o all of the info above.

Friday, 11 January 2013

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