Thursday, 20 December 2012

Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol not recording one flow in the application to be tested

We have HPSM application which needs to be tested and i am using web (http/html) protocol for recording the flows. I am able to record 5 out of 6 flows through VuGen using this protocol. but Every time one flow is getting stopped when i try to record.
I also try the same flow with different protocol like Ajax and web click and script but finding the same error, with these protocols as well.

Solution:  Make sure that the settings for Web recording are properly set
Many different reasons can cause this problem, but, most of all make sure that the settings for Web recording are properly set.
1. Are you recording against a SSL site that needs authentication? If so, you need to import the certificate to the recording machine to make sure that VuGen is forwarding the proper request to the server during recording.
   a. Go to your homepage manually.
   b. Click on the LOCK symbol on the bottom right corner of Internet Explorer window.
   c. Click on "Install certificate" and follow the screen to import the certificate onto the machine.
2. Do your need to go through a proxy to get to your homepage? If so, make sure that you set up the recorder properly. By default, VuGen changes the browser's proxy settings to localhost: 7777 and this may cause problem with your proxy.
   a. Check for the proxy information under Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings.
   b. Replicate the information into the VuGen Tools -> Recording Options -> Recording Proxy.
   c. If authentication is needed, click on the 'Authentication' button and put in your username and password. For NTLM, you can try the username and password of your machine. Otherwise, contact your Network Administrator.
   d. If the proxy needs any authentication, do not forget to specify that and select the "Restore proxy only when recording is complete" option.
3. Is your application using HTTP 1.1? If so, while recording, go to Tools-> Internet options-> Advanced-> HTTP settings and enable "HTTP 1.1 through proxy connection" once the browser is launched.
4. Sometimes, it could happen that the certificate for the site does not match the site to which the user was navigating. Netscape generally gives you a warning, but Internet Explorer may cause the above problem. If this is the case, from Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced. Under Security, select "Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)." This allows Internet Explorer and VuGen to go to the site.
5. Try to record using the multi-protocol recorder, with only web enabled. This recorder is available with LoadRunner7.51 or above and uses a different way to record comparing to the single-protocol web recorder. To record with multi-protocol recorder,
    a. Go to VuGen -> File -> New -> New Multiple protocol Script
    b. Select web from the list, click on right arrow button to add
    c. Click 'OK'
    d. On the 'Start recording' window, select 'Internet Application' on the 'Application Type' pull down menu.
    e. Specify the 'URL address' then click 'OK' to start the recording
6. The problem can be related to some applications running on the VuGen machine that interrupts Load Runner's recording mechanism. You need to find out if there is any antivirus, VPN, firewall, local proxy Spy ware or sniffer running on the machine and disable it. You can also use the application "Process Explorer" that you can download from to see what DLLs are loaded by VuGen while doing the recording. Refer to DocumentID 31731 - Troubleshooting guide for VuGen (not stable/crashes/freezes/GPF) for details of how to use process explorer.
7. If none of the above helps, try to record the application using the 'Manually launch an application" option. For further details, refer to DocumentID 13359 - Manually recording web application (setting proxy for VuGen).
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