Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Correlation tips on manual correlation

Correlation steps


 1.Why we have to correlate?
  • Our objective is to create real user behavior  and simulate real time user
  • Make scripts works for multiple users
2.What I have correlate?
  • The values which are changing dynamically every time, correlate those values.
  • Record two similar business process with same steps and same login id and compare the scripts to see which values are changing every time.
3.How do you capture dynamic values?
  • Capture the dynamic values from the source and pass the parameters where ever required.
  • Use common LB and RB of dynamic value and using web_reg_save_param function.
4.How do you replace the dynamic values in the script?
  • Replace the hard coded values with Parameter in the script. 


  1. Nice material