Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Loadrunner checkpoints - validating response

Loadrunner checkpoints - validating response

Call this as text checkpoint or page validation or response verification, but these checkpoints you insert for every request helpful in identifying the failed transactions.

Function to be used as text checkpoint -
Web_reg_find("text=expected string on the page", LAST);

This function has to be inserted above the http request that you want to validate.

I will add more posts on this function later. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Automatic Correlation - Scan script for correlation

Automatic Correlation - Scan script for correlation:

In loadrunner there are two ways of doing Automatic correlation. Those two techniques correlation during recording and correlation after record and replay. In this post let us know about correlation After record and replay - We can call this as "Scan script for correlation" or "Correlation Scan"

Automatics correlation Step1: Record only once- Run that script instead of recording with extended log. Compare Replay log with Generation log - CTL+F8 - Scan script for correlation

Automatic correlation Step2:  Select dynamic value in the correlation results tab and click on correlate




Difference between Generation log and Replay log

Generation log & Replay log:

Generation Log:

Contains HTML source of recoded snapshots

Replay log: 

Contains HTML source of Replay snapshots (Make sure to enable extended log in the runtime settings.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Correlation tips on manual correlation

Correlation steps


 1.Why we have to correlate?
  • Our objective is to create real user behavior  and simulate real time user
  • Make scripts works for multiple users
2.What I have correlate?
  • The values which are changing dynamically every time, correlate those values.
  • Record two similar business process with same steps and same login id and compare the scripts to see which values are changing every time.
3.How do you capture dynamic values?
  • Capture the dynamic values from the source and pass the parameters where ever required.
  • Use common LB and RB of dynamic value and using web_reg_save_param function.
4.How do you replace the dynamic values in the script?
  • Replace the hard coded values with Parameter in the script. 

What is loadrunner

What is loadrunner? 

Loadrunner is a performance testing tool from HP.

It supports more than 40 protocols. Compared to other tools like rational performance tester (RPT) the strength of loadrunner is it support major number of protocols and reporting capability of loadrunner is good.

Support from Hp is also one of strength.

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