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Loadrunner Interview Questions - Part I

Loadrunner Interview Questions - Part I

1. Why should we automate the performance testing?
It’s a discipline that leverages products, people and processes to reduce the risk of application upgrade or patch deployment. It is about applying production work loads to pre-deployment systems while simultaneously measuring system performance and end-user experience.

2. What are all the things will be considered while doing performance testing?
Does the application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
Will the application handle the expected user load and beyond?
Will the application handle the number of transactions required by the business?
Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?
Are we sure that users will have a positive experience on go-live day?

3. What are the LoadRunner components?
Virtual User Generator
Load Generators

4. What is the LoadRunner testing process?
Plan load test
Create Vuser Scripts
Define Scenario
Run Scenario
Analyze results

5. What is remote command launcher?
The remote command launcher enables the controller to start applications on the host machine

6. How you develop the database vuser script?
Developing the database vuser script either by recording with load runner vuser script generator or by using load runner vuser script template.

7. How you load a load runner Agent?
While running the scenario loadrunner controller instructs the remote agent dispatcher to launch loadrunner agent. The controller instructs the loadrunner agent to initialize, run, pause and stop the vusers.

8. What is the difference between hits/second and requests/second?
Hits per second means the number of hits the server receives in one second from the vuser and the request per second is the no. of request the vuser will request from the server.

9. What are the reasons why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?
Parameterization is useful for performance scripts for various reasons: -
1. We can use different data in scripts dynamically.
2. When URLs of AUT are parameterized, it becomes easy for the script to point to different application environments, i.e. Dev, QA or Prod depending upon the requirements.
3. Parameterizing helps in emulation real scenario as it avoids caching effect, if we send same data again and again while running scripts in iteration, then the data could be used from cache or from the temporary table from the database. Now if we send different data in each iteration the real performance transaction timers can be measured.

10. What are the advantages of using load runner?
Advantages are:-
1. With help of vusers reduces the human users
2. Reduces the requirement of the systems
3. Helps in the better usage of time and money
4. Effective utilization of automation
5. Everything done from a single point

11. What is the vuser in the scenario?
The vuser is virtual users nothing but those who simulate the real users. The virtual users who take the place of real users operating client software, such as IE sending requests using the HTTP protocol to IIS or Apache web servers

12. What is the difference between stop and gradually stop?
When you want to stop all the Vusers at once, this is called stop the Vusers at once. It is done in the scenario schedule section of the controller window. Suppose you want to stop the Vusers gradually, then you have to set the Vusers stop gradually. It is done in the scenario schedule section panel of controller window in loadrunner.

loadrunner interview questions
Loadrunner Interview Questions

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