Monday, 26 March 2012

Download Loadrunner 11.0 Software


I am getting lot of request like where to download loadrunner evaluation version of software.

Download loadrunner software from below link:

  • Goto below link to Download loadrunner 11.0 software:

  • once you open the above link, goto Trial and Demos and Select HP Loadrunner11.0
Loadrunner software download

  • To download you need be an registered user and have HP Passport user account.  
    • I recomend you to create your own HP Passport login, if you are busy :-), use the one which i already created 
      • user name: iloveloadrunner
      • Password : keylabs123 (This password has been changed due to larger number of downloads are there with this id, Please register with your name)
  • Agree to HP Software evalvation terms - Click on Agree

Download Loadrunner Software
Loadrunner Software

  • Click on Software HP Loadrunner to download HP Loadrunner software. see the below image and marked in red.
Loadrunner patches download
Loadrunner Software

It willbe there around 2 GB, extract it to download and install it. I recomend you to install only Vugen and Analysis. As controller license will expire in 10 days, it is not necessary to install in your desktop. If you want to install loadrunner for your Training or learning, you can install controller whenever required.

If you have any questions, Please reach out

I love loadrunner Team


  1. how to get controller access for 10 days

  2. useful information..thanks dude.... i really like it...