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Core Activities of Performance Tester using Loadrunner

Core Activities of Performance Tester using Loadrunner

In performance testing there are 4 phases:
  • Planning
  • Scripting
  • Execution
  • Analysis and Reporting
Activity 1. Identify the Test Environment : 

Identify the physical test environment and the production environment as well as the tools and resources available to the test team. The physical environment includes hardware, software, and network configurations. Also gather sizing difference between production server and load test environment. Having a thorough understanding of the entire test environment at the outset enables more efficient test design and planning and helps you identify testing challenges early in the project.

Activity 2. Performance Acceptance Criteria :
Identify the response time, throughput, and resource utilization goals and constraints. In general, response time is a user concern, throughput is a business concern, and resource utilization is a system concern. Additionally, identify project success criteria that may not be captured by those goals and constraints.

Activity 3. Plan and Design Tests :
Identify key scenarios, determine user mix among representative scenarios and how to simulate that variability, define test data, and establish metrics to be collected. Consolidate this information into one or more models of system usage to be implemented, executed, and analyzed.

 Activity 4. Configure the Test Environment :
Prepare the test environment, tools, and resources necessary to execute each strategy as features and components become available for test. Ensure that the test environment is instrumented for resource monitoring as necessary.

Activity 5. Implement the Test Design :
Develop scripts using Loadrunner Vugen componenet

Activity 6. Execute the Test :
Run and monitor your tests. Validate the tests, test data, and results collection. Execute validated tests for analysis while monitoring the test and the test environment. use Loadrunner Controller or Performance center to execute load tests and Monitor servers.

Activity 7. Analyze Results, Report, and Retest :
Consolidate and share results data. Use Loadrunner Analysis to Analyze the data both individually and as a cross-functional team. Reprioritize the remaining tests and re-execute them as needed. When all of the metric values are within accepted limits, none of the set thresholds have been violated, and all of the desired information has been collected, you have finished testing that particular scenario on that particular configuration.


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